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I joined this crazy place on 2019-05-22, 1 years ago.

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Trump - 14 days ago

Nov 3. Vote that two bit POS Douchebag Don the Con out so Justice can help heal our country!

Trump - 25 days ago

Nothing new to report. Douchebag Don is still a douchebag.

Trump - 60 days ago

Douchebag Don Strikes again... says he wants to post pone the 2020 election...I bet he does. Fk em...Its not his call. How anyone can still support this two bit POS is beyond me. Ive never seen a mor...

Covid 19 & the politics - 81 days ago

Gov Abbott seems to be part of the problem. Suckin up to trump as he does. The good news is. State Governors (like Abbott) decide when schools open. TX-2 congress (Dan Crenshaw) decide whether or...

Trump - 81 days ago

Douchebag Don!! Looks like your taxes are finally going to be public. I wonder what its like to be so arrogant and full of ones self, as to still support such a douchebag like Trump.

House of Blues - 94 days ago

On the one hand today's announcement by the Governor to close bars is a tuff one as I like to play in public $$$ On the other hand is public safety. Truly more important than a dollar IMO. Im looki...

Covid 19 & the politics - 95 days ago

Way to go HTX! Our hospital's are at %100 capacity with Covid 19 patients. Trump... Being the worst president in our lifetime is calling to refund testing facilities.

Traveling light - 98 days ago

Bama beaches rock!

Traveling light - 110 days ago

10 June, 2020 All tuned up, the motorcycle and the guitar are, ready for the road. I built a "Guitar Holster" out of camping equip and securely fastened it to the luggage rack. The entire "Holster...

Trump - 119 days ago

Fearless leader, hiding in a bunker. I could not be more fed up with Trump than now. That two bit POS has fkd over this country good. 100k dead from a preventable virus. Millions more out of a job. Th...

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