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I joined this crazy place on 2019-05-22, 2 years ago.

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Trump - 166 days ago

New page New Year New President....Fk yeah Im feeling pretty good. For all yall trump lovin douchebag supporters. Yall get to see what a real pos trump is. Im hopeful NY State will have the needed ...

Trump - 171 days ago

3.2.1. Trump is done. Y'all bootlickin supporters will just have to fk off! Hopefully Trump will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To expose all y'all dumb fk supporters. What a doucheba...

Trump - 179 days ago

Emperor of KW. aka bob and his bobettes... is a pussy grabbin pussy just sayin.

Trump - 179 days ago

Well well. That two bit POS is done. Hopefully all the KU racists that support that cuck sucker, can go away, never to be seen again

This is why Not KU will be great - 179 days ago

"Acting a fool and showing deep stupidity and ignorance"~ KU cucksucker mod Suck it sags. Your sht stinks

This is why Not KU will be great - 180 days ago

Those KU sockcuckers still think their sht dont stink. Im laughing out loud at them. They are on the wrong side of everything decent. I should be feeling pitty for them. But I dont. Fk m

Trump - 198 days ago

Finally. The Trump sht show is over. America returns to normal. It's been wonderful not hearing anything from that two bit cick sucker Trump. The fact he is now irrelevant also means his supporters ar...

Trump - 217 days ago

Happy days are here again. Trump is voted out (pending recall results). Hopefully the rest of the world can forgive the U.S. for screwing things up. Amateur Hour is over. Thank God.

Trump - 240 days ago

Fk that douchebag Trump

Trump - 270 days ago

Nov 3. Vote that two bit POS Douchebag Don the Con out so Justice can help heal our country!

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