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Covid 19 & the politics

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Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

This sux. Change my mind. This sux worse than KU mods on multiple levels. More people will die in Harris Co than in 911 NYC as a result. Trump supporters, think twice and change your minds on Trump. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 335 days ago -

Still think it's safe to go outside and mingle? Not me. I'm layin low till I see a second wave or no second wave of infection. Good luck.
Shame on the Tx Governor and the rest of the GOP for putting trickle down economics over public health. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 293 days ago -

Way to go HTX! Our hospital's are at %100 capacity with Covid 19 patients.
Trump... Being the worst president in our lifetime is calling to refund testing facilities. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 279 days ago -

Gov Abbott seems to be part of the problem. Suckin up to trump as he does.

The good news is.
State Governors (like Abbott) decide when schools open. TX-2 congress (Dan Crenshaw) decide whether or not funding happens.

It's our job to contact these people and TELL them what the deal is. Not the other way around. You want your kids in school getting sick? Covid is a serious killer. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 102 days ago -

Covid Deaths > Covid Hoax belivers. Could it be, they are dying off? Or are minds changing? Hospital ICU's are at max capacities again. If I were a stock market person. Id be buying stock in final expenses markets. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 94 days ago -

So far so good. Very limited performances. Ive not been tested, ever. But I have been quarantining, masking, distancing. Looking fwd to a safe inauguration for 46. A safe vaccination for all. sht...maybe even a ku reunion... 

Not KU (Admin) --- 82 days ago -

Good news and bad news
Bad news: Trump did not have a contingency plan for the vaccine. Thanks for nothing. Good news is. Biden is on it. 100 day mask mandate. Don't like it...go to fkn Mexico. More good news. Looks like Fauci is the voice of reason. Follow his advice. Mask. Wash Hands, Social distance. Simple...even a S.E. Tx Misphit could do it! 

Not KU (Admin) --- 76 days ago -

Day 8 of the new Biden admin. Aprox 0.4 million dead. If,,, the U.S. could reverse course. It could be predicted another 0.4 million would die before this is under control. That said. I am interested in using that measure as a gauge to how many + or - 400k. Till then, I'll mask up, keep 6ft away, wash. 

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