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House of Blues

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Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Live music. great food, good times.
Tues June 4. 7:30 sharp 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

The 18th its happening. Guest Misphits to be announced. Stay tuned 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Tonight. Tues June 18th
House of Blues
7:30 pm sharp...your welcome 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Another great night in the bag. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

House of Blues
July 16
Guest Misphits to be announced
I think there will be a lap-steel / Dobro player. Im already stoked.

It's confirmed. Yes!
Going to be a great show 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Getting it together for tonight.
Fresh strings, check
Im ready for you, I hope you ready for me 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Wow, what a night! I think it tops that night with the sax player. Full band always sounds best. This time I had a lap steel player and she was great! 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Sept 17th
Just another epic performance.
Guest Misphits to be announced. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Nov 5th! That's tonight!
Time flies.

Tues. June 16th 2020
House of Blues Misphits reunion jam.
Usually epic performances happen there. Lots of great talented players. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 293 days ago -

On the one hand today's announcement by the Governor to close bars is a tuff one as I like to play in public $$$
On the other hand is public safety. Truly more important than a dollar IMO.
Im looking fwd to a time when I can take the stage at HOB. Till then, tune into the 420 one song show on FB. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 94 days ago -

Since Feb 2020, Ive thought about, planed, and executed an idea. Im on You Tube. 

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