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who's talking here?

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Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Lets start there...
Everyday that dumb Fk president says or does something soooooo fkd up. It triggers my WTF!

Latest example is the map...You know, the one with the hand drawn cone of uncertainty of Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama!!!! How can anyone believe this moron, how can anyone be ok that this is our president? WTF! 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

No right wingers on FB are able, or even willing to express the logic behind "whatever" it is that Trump is doing. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

So, Trump wants to send our Troops to Saudi to protect American interest and "World Energy resources". American lives. U.S. Treasure. Yes...Im sick of winning. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Did he finally do it? Did Trump finally screw himself into a corner? A corner with the walls closing in on him? IDK...Every time that POS does something that would have gotten Obama impeached, Trump gets a pass.

Nancy Pelosi has changed her position, as many others have, including a couple of republicans on Trump. This is where I hope the smart people in DC can coordinate their thoughts into a working plan to impeach Trump. We can let the law take it from there. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
Rep R Jim Jordan deflected his entire interview. A simple yes or no to a softball question.

Republicans are desperate. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -


10/07/2019 10:22 AM EDT

Updated: 10/07/2019 11:25 AM EDT



A federal judge in New York spiked President Donald Trump’s attempt to block a Manhattan prosecutor from obtaining his tax and financial records from the accounting firm Mazars USA, dismissing his "extraordinary" claim to be immune from criminal investigation.


Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Impeachment Just became inevitable.


David A. Graham
Staff writer at The Atlantic

Guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached, and win prizes. Correctly guess the charge and double your winnings. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Caught a glimps of the impeachment hearings. I saw the part where Ohio rep Jim Jordan got laughed at. It was a slip on his part. The heart of the matter.

Trump needs to testify under oath or resign. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Got a chance to listen in on the impeachment hearings yesterday. Fkn republicans..."Trump didnt actually say" or worse, "Trump did say". As if the events, just happened on their own.
Trump held up the money, and Trump sent the money. Ukraine, didnt twist Trumps arm for the money. They jumped through a hoop for it. I'll say it now...Stand with Trump. Fall with Trump. Impeachment is happening. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 356 days ago -

Link :

U.S. Announces Its Withdrawal From U.N. Human Rights Council

WTF. Stand with Trump. Fall with Trump. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 352 days ago -

"I stand with Chuck Grassley on this," Ernst said, referring to Iowa's other Republican senator who defended the unnamed whistleblower.


Not KU (Admin) --- 350 days ago -

Today is the big day
Trumps will be issued 2 articles of impeachment.
1. Abuse of power
2. Obstruction of Congress.
All that is left is to guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached to win prizes....
To the Bobbettes on that other site. I laugh loudly in your suckered faces.
Are we winning yet? 

Not KU (Admin) --- 342 days ago -

Today is the big day. The charges of Obstruction and Corruptions are being brought by Congress. Meanwhile, I will be writing Senator Ted Cruz. I seriously doubt he will take my words seriously. But at least I said something.

If you are reading this. Write your senator and encourage others to do so as well. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 340 days ago -

Douchebag Don says a lot of things.
Giving further reason to remove him from office. Out of respect for the office of President.
Congressman Dan Crenshaw, are you listening? 

Not KU (Admin) --- 311 days ago -

Will the Senate have douchebag don removed? Stay tuned 

Joe Blow --- 306 days ago -

no because the pubie senators are all pussies too afraid of of the bully trump ruining their own re election efforts. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 303 days ago -

" the pubie senators are all pussies too afraid of of the bully trump"

What about their own re-election? Those spineless GOP supporters need votes too. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 222 days ago -

Trump worshipers are crying out to get back to work with out a single concern over science and the need to disinfect and social distancing. These are the stupidest fkn people to be around. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 198 days ago -

" The Washington Post
As deaths mount, Trump tries to convince Americans it’s safe to inch back to normal
Josh Dawsey, Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker, Yasmeen Abutaleb "


Here we go again,
A presidents number one job is to keep the public safe. Trump failed. Trump failed at keeping a pandemic team, keeping the CDC in China, preparing for testing and vaccinations, and now recognizes public deaths as part of his accomplishments.

The corona virus has now infected some in the white house and others are under quarantine.

This is why, I'm voting blue. Local, State, Federal. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 176 days ago -

Fearless leader, hiding in a bunker. I could not be more fed up with Trump than now. That two bit POS has fkd over this country good. 100k dead from a preventable virus. Millions more out of a job. The economy is fkd. Michigan still has nasty sss water. Fk Trump and the GOP and you too if you still support that POS.

Douchebag Don AKA Fearless Leader,
Has errected a 2nd security fence. I laugh at the insantity and at the same time rant at the ignorance of those that support such a person. History will remember Trump for the P.O.S.bag president he is. As to those KU lock step fascist morons that still support Trump as of, June 10,2020.
WTF happened to your moral compass? sic fks. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 138 days ago -

Douchebag Don!!
Looks like your taxes are finally going to be public. I wonder what its like to be so arrogant and full of ones self, as to still support such a douchebag like Trump. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 117 days ago -

Douchebag Don Strikes again...
says he wants to post pone the 2020 election...I bet he does. Fk em...Its not his call. How anyone can still support this two bit POS is beyond me. Ive never seen a more pathetic human than Trump. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 82 days ago -

Nothing new to report. Douchebag Don is still a douchebag. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 70 days ago -

Nov 3. Vote that two bit POS Douchebag Don the Con out so Justice can help heal our country! 

Not KU (Admin) --- 39 days ago -

Fk that douchebag Trump 

Not KU (Admin) --- 16 days ago -

Happy days are here again. Trump is voted out (pending recall results). Hopefully the rest of the world can forgive the U.S. for screwing things up.
Amateur Hour is over. Thank God. 

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