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Not KU (Admin) --- 134 days ago -

New page
New Year
New President....Fk yeah
Im feeling pretty good. For all yall trump lovin douchebag supporters. Yall get to see what a real pos trump is. Im hopeful NY State will have the needed charges to convict that two bit POS.. Just curios..How many of yall bobbettes sleep a little better knowing douchebag don is gone? 

Not KU (Admin) --- 124 days ago -

Jeez Loueez,
Just when you thing the sht show is over and normal is on the way,,,,The (Smash and Trash) militia shows up and unjustly helped themselves to a moment in the sun. How disgraceful. I'd be very interested to read what the Bobbettes that have supported Trump, have to say now. Has Trump Made America Great? 

Not KU (Admin) --- 121 days ago -

I think the crazy is dying down, hopefull anyway...Lets see how Jan 21 turns out. Me? I didnt get an invite to the inaugural, so Im staying in. Its hard to fathom how pathetic it must be to have such support for someone so unfit. So glad to not be in that group. Especially as the rats abandon the Trump ship. My focus will be on the good congressman Dan Crenshaw of TX-2 for his support for our impeached 45th president. Shame representative Crenshaw is what you have brought to DC and Tx2. Our schools arent safer, our pandemic is out of control. Our hospitals and jails are overcrowded. Youve done a terrible job at representation. Tx2 deserves better. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 120 days ago -

Whoop derritizz!
ABC news 11 Jan 2021
House of Representatives in session as Democrats are epected to introduce an article of impeachment against President Trump following last week's deadly Capitol siege.
Whoop derritizz! bob and the bobbettes 

Not KU (Admin) --- 113 days ago -

Just two more days! What could go wrong? So glad to be done w/this two bit fk of a president. Oh yeah the dumbfx that support Trump are still around. Hopefully they have learned how fkd up they were or are. To support tyranny. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 109 days ago -

Hopefully, I can retire this topic soon. All thats left of Trump is whatever he could stash away. No friends...Maybe no freedom either. I heard he wants to start a "patriot" party. So did the Nazis. Hopefully, the next time I write about this two bit cck sucker, its to gloat over his prison sentence. 

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