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who's talking here?

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Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Is this what its like to be on the moon? 

Judas --- 1 years ago -

What an utter POS that Saggy is. Her and Jolly have beaten that place to a pulp, man. They just refuse to admit it and think they made it better. Bearly a poster, yeah it is better all right. 

Judas --- 1 years ago -

Ohhhhhh! Saggyface iced me! I am heartbroken! NOT. As if I care. LOL

Don't you like how she nowadays deletes all comments to so no one can see the TRUTH about her? No wonder she and Jolly luv Trump so much. They lie just like he does: DAILY.

They are UGLY folk deep down. Well the truth comes out here. THere was still alot of activity when she arrived on the KU scene, freshly booted AND BANNED from She came over whining and then got elected mod by Porter, her stalker. She is too stupid to even realize that he is Warren Peace and a hundred other posters there. He drools over her so he got her in the hot mod seat and from that point on she did nothing but beat that place to the ground shutting down ANY dissenting opinion.

Look at it now, ain't no denying what she has done to KU. What a twat. 

Miss Understanding --- 1 years ago -


Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Hey y'all Welcome.
Petty is the word Im sticking with. She's a "Mean Girls" Alumni. 

Miss Understanding --- 1 years ago -

Her pen pal bad breath dragon had the nerve to call me mean! ha ha ha ha 

Miss Understanding --- 1 years ago -

I saw that. btw..I think OG is Dragon
IDK. Just a feeling. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Joe Blow 3 hours left
voice of reason 1 days left
Judas 2 days left
Miss Understanding 2 days left
Markster 3 days left
stay on your own site
sdanielmcev 3 days left

Sags is such a petty moderator 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Sorry Joe.. Looks like fkn Sags gotcha again.

Joe Blow 3 days left 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Soup says on KU
"It got boring beating up on the likes of Mark and his illegitimate sidekick, fuzzball."

Sags hasn't tapped into that (soup alt) personality in a while. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

And what is this? Another sags free day. Nice 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Finally out of the ice box at KU for now. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Thats right sags...My performances are epic. Not that you'd know what that is.
You should come out for a reminder. Good luck amping down your asshole-ism. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

You're rightÂ

I bet you are still talking to yourself on "notKU", markster

No. OG Im calling you out as a boot-licking mod-alt suck-up. Good luck w/that 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Back in the icebox again.
Poor sags. The only power she can get is KU moderator..She thinks she's winning.
What a dumb ass 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

She just cant shut the fk up about me.
" he's not welcome and yet like a juvenile he keeps it up. He's made a total spectacle of himself and should be embarrassed."

Some how..Calling out petty people as being petty seems like the right thing to She thinks I need her permission to visit...What a dumb ass 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

OrdinaryGuy --- 4 days ago - quote - hide comments

Oh look....markster is back in the Ice Box...he never learns....."yeah well 1st of all. Fk you! who ever you are"

IDK who this OG (Dragon) thinks she is,,,but I really loathe Boot licking suck ups. I think I loathe those that let them be, worse. Its just creepy 

Joe Blow --- 1 years ago -

She has run that place into the ground. It still had activity when she first got the boot from Kingwood.Com and joined KU but once her and her Warren Peace/Porter/100 alt BFF started tag teaming the libs, they ran off everyone, even the fn pubies. Bit them right in the butt. Know they can talk to themselves.

Abandoned by their fellow pubies!


Hi Saggy Spyware, twat TFU. 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

" tag teaming the libs,"

You got that right. Whats more Fk up is "Sags" thinks shes wining.
Whatever that means.

One of the odd things in life Joe. Since I started this board. Ive not had a chance to pay attn to politics as Id like to. Busy AF 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Back in the ice box again on Sags KU

Joe Blow 3 days left
Markster 3 days left
I think you should STFk up. Go back to that more popular message board Not KU.

Guess what Sags...No one gives a fk what you think. lol You have really fkd up KU...Good luck w/that 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

June 2019
Favorite quote from the sags:

"AGAIN just to stir the pot about "petty mods". He lost the battle here, he's not welcome"

As if I or anyone needs your dumbass invite. Sags you are a petty person. You suck at moderating too. Still think you are winning? 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Looks like sags has quit icing peeps.
Wassamatta Sags, worried someone might post your stupid remarks to those you ice? 

Not KU (Admin) --- 1 years ago -

Another perfectly good post gone to waste. Sags, you really suck at moderating 

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