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Covid 19 & the politics - 76 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Day 8 of the new Biden admin. Aprox 0.4 million dead. If,,, the U.S. could reverse course. It could be predicted another 0.4 million would die before this is under control. That said. I am interested in using that measure as a gauge to how many + or - 400k. Till then, I'll mask up, keep 6ft away, wash.

Trump - 82 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Hopefully, I can retire this topic soon. All thats left of Trump is whatever he could stash away. No friends...Maybe no freedom either. I heard he wants to start a "patriot" party. So did the Nazis. Hopefully, the next time I write about this two bit cck sucker, its to gloat over his prison sentence.

Covid 19 & the politics - 82 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Good news and bad news
Bad news: Trump did not have a contingency plan for the vaccine. Thanks for nothing. Good news is. Biden is on it. 100 day mask mandate. Don't like it...go to fkn Mexico. More good news. Looks like Fauci is the voice of reason. Follow his advice. Mask. Wash Hands, Social distance. Simple...even a S.E. Tx Misphit could do it!

Trump - 86 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Just two more days! What could go wrong? So glad to be done w/this two bit fk of a president. Oh yeah the dumbfx that support Trump are still around. Hopefully they have learned how fkd up they were or are. To support tyranny.

House of Blues - 94 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Since Feb 2020, Ive thought about, planed, and executed an idea. Im on You Tube.

Covid 19 & the politics - 94 days ago by Not KU - Reply

So far so good. Very limited performances. Ive not been tested, ever. But I have been quarantining, masking, distancing. Looking fwd to a safe inauguration for 46. A safe vaccination for all. sht...maybe even a ku reunion...

Trump - 94 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Whoop derritizz!
ABC news 11 Jan 2021
House of Representatives in session as Democrats are epected to introduce an article of impeachment against President Trump following last week's deadly Capitol siege.
Whoop derritizz! bob and the bobbettes

Trump - 95 days ago by Not KU - Reply

I think the crazy is dying down, hopefull anyway...Lets see how Jan 21 turns out. Me? I didnt get an invite to the inaugural, so Im staying in. Its hard to fathom how pathetic it must be to have such support for someone so unfit. So glad to not be in that group. Especially as the rats abandon the Trump ship. My focus will be on the good congressman Dan Crenshaw of TX-2 for his support for our impeached 45th president. Shame representative Crenshaw is what you have brought to DC and Tx2. Our schools arent safer, our pandemic is out of control. Our hospitals and jails are overcrowded. Youve done a terrible job at representation. Tx2 deserves better.

Trump - 98 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Jeez Loueez,
Just when you thing the sht show is over and normal is on the way,,,,The (Smash and Trash) militia shows up and unjustly helped themselves to a moment in the sun. How disgraceful. I'd be very interested to read what the Bobbettes that have supported Trump, have to say now. Has Trump Made America Great?

Covid 19 & the politics - 102 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Covid Deaths > Covid Hoax belivers. Could it be, they are dying off? Or are minds changing? Hospital ICU's are at max capacities again. If I were a stock market person. Id be buying stock in final expenses markets.

Trump - 108 days ago by Not KU - Reply

New page
New Year
New President....Fk yeah
Im feeling pretty good. For all yall trump lovin douchebag supporters. Yall get to see what a real pos trump is. Im hopeful NY State will have the needed charges to convict that two bit POS.. Just curios..How many of yall bobbettes sleep a little better knowing douchebag don is gone?

Trump - 112 days ago by Not KU - Reply

3.2.1. Trump is done. Y'all bootlickin supporters will just have to fk off! Hopefully Trump will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To expose all y'all dumb fk supporters. What a douchebag Trump is.

Trump - 121 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Emperor of KW. aka bob and his bobettes... is a pussy grabbin pussy
just sayin.

Trump - 121 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Well well. That two bit POS is done. Hopefully all the KU racists that support that cuck sucker, can go away, never to be seen again

This is why Not KU will be great - 121 days ago by Not KU - Reply

"Acting a fool and showing deep stupidity and ignorance"~ KU cucksucker mod

Suck it sags. Your sht stinks

This is why Not KU will be great - 122 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Those KU sockcuckers still think their sht dont stink. Im laughing out loud at them. They are on the wrong side of everything decent. I should be feeling pitty for them. But I dont. Fk m

Trump - 139 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Finally. The Trump sht show is over. America returns to normal. It's been wonderful not hearing anything from that two bit cick sucker Trump. The fact he is now irrelevant also means his supporters are too. Good riddance. Hopefully life returns to normal

Trump - 158 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Happy days are here again. Trump is voted out (pending recall results). Hopefully the rest of the world can forgive the U.S. for screwing things up.
Amateur Hour is over. Thank God.

Trump - 181 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Fk that douchebag Trump

Trump - 212 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Nov 3. Vote that two bit POS Douchebag Don the Con out so Justice can help heal our country!

Trump - 224 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Nothing new to report. Douchebag Don is still a douchebag.

Trump - 258 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Douchebag Don Strikes again...
says he wants to post pone the 2020 election...I bet he does. Fk em...Its not his call. How anyone can still support this two bit POS is beyond me. Ive never seen a more pathetic human than Trump.

Covid 19 & the politics - 279 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Gov Abbott seems to be part of the problem. Suckin up to trump as he does.

The good news is.
State Governors (like Abbott) decide when schools open. TX-2 congress (Dan Crenshaw) decide whether or not funding happens.

It's our job to contact these people and TELL them what the deal is. Not the other way around. You want your kids in school getting sick? Covid is a serious killer.

Trump - 280 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Douchebag Don!!
Looks like your taxes are finally going to be public. I wonder what its like to be so arrogant and full of ones self, as to still support such a douchebag like Trump.

House of Blues - 293 days ago by Not KU - Reply

On the one hand today's announcement by the Governor to close bars is a tuff one as I like to play in public $$$
On the other hand is public safety. Truly more important than a dollar IMO.
Im looking fwd to a time when I can take the stage at HOB. Till then, tune into the 420 one song show on FB.

Covid 19 & the politics - 293 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Way to go HTX! Our hospital's are at %100 capacity with Covid 19 patients.
Trump... Being the worst president in our lifetime is calling to refund testing facilities.

Traveling light - 297 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Bama beaches rock!

Traveling light - 308 days ago by Not KU - Reply

10 June, 2020

All tuned up, the motorcycle and the guitar are, ready for the road. I built a "Guitar Holster" out of camping equip and securely fastened it to the luggage rack. The entire "Holster" weighs less than 10lbs.
With Guitar and case = 25 lbs, max. I've made a couple of test rides with out the guitar and one with. So far so good.
All set for my S.E. Tour in Al/Fla in a couple of weeks.

Trump - 317 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Fearless leader, hiding in a bunker. I could not be more fed up with Trump than now. That two bit POS has fkd over this country good. 100k dead from a preventable virus. Millions more out of a job. The economy is fkd. Michigan still has nasty sss water. Fk Trump and the GOP and you too if you still support that POS.

Douchebag Don AKA Fearless Leader,
Has errected a 2nd security fence. I laugh at the insantity and at the same time rant at the ignorance of those that support such a person. History will remember Trump for the P.O.S.bag president he is. As to those KU lock step fascist morons that still support Trump as of, June 10,2020.
WTF happened to your moral compass? sic fks.

Covid 19 & the politics - 335 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Still think it's safe to go outside and mingle? Not me. I'm layin low till I see a second wave or no second wave of infection. Good luck.
Shame on the Tx Governor and the rest of the GOP for putting trickle down economics over public health.

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