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Trump - 14 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Douchebag Don Strikes again...
says he wants to post pone the 2020 election...I bet he does. Fk em...Its not his call. How anyone can still support this two bit POS is beyond me. Ive never seen a more pathetic human than Trump.

Covid 19 & the politics - 35 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Gov Abbott seems to be part of the problem. Suckin up to trump as he does.

The good news is.
State Governors (like Abbott) decide when schools open. TX-2 congress (Dan Crenshaw) decide whether or not funding happens.

It's our job to contact these people and TELL them what the deal is. Not the other way around. You want your kids in school getting sick? Covid is a serious killer.

Trump - 35 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Douchebag Don!!
Looks like your taxes are finally going to be public. I wonder what its like to be so arrogant and full of ones self, as to still support such a douchebag like Trump.

House of Blues - 48 days ago by Not KU - Reply

On the one hand today's announcement by the Governor to close bars is a tuff one as I like to play in public $$$
On the other hand is public safety. Truly more important than a dollar IMO.
Im looking fwd to a time when I can take the stage at HOB. Till then, tune into the 420 one song show on FB.

Covid 19 & the politics - 49 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Way to go HTX! Our hospital's are at %100 capacity with Covid 19 patients.
Trump... Being the worst president in our lifetime is calling to refund testing facilities.

Traveling light - 52 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Bama beaches rock!

Traveling light - 64 days ago by Not KU - Reply

10 June, 2020

All tuned up, the motorcycle and the guitar are, ready for the road. I built a "Guitar Holster" out of camping equip and securely fastened it to the luggage rack. The entire "Holster" weighs less than 10lbs.
With Guitar and case = 25 lbs, max. I've made a couple of test rides with out the guitar and one with. So far so good.
All set for my S.E. Tour in Al/Fla in a couple of weeks.

Trump - 73 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Fearless leader, hiding in a bunker. I could not be more fed up with Trump than now. That two bit POS has fkd over this country good. 100k dead from a preventable virus. Millions more out of a job. The economy is fkd. Michigan still has nasty sss water. Fk Trump and the GOP and you too if you still support that POS.

Douchebag Don AKA Fearless Leader,
Has errected a 2nd security fence. I laugh at the insantity and at the same time rant at the ignorance of those that support such a person. History will remember Trump for the P.O.S.bag president he is. As to those KU lock step fascist morons that still support Trump as of, June 10,2020.
WTF happened to your moral compass? sic fks.

Covid 19 & the politics - 91 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Still think it's safe to go outside and mingle? Not me. I'm layin low till I see a second wave or no second wave of infection. Good luck.
Shame on the Tx Governor and the rest of the GOP for putting trickle down economics over public health.

Trump - 95 days ago by Not KU - Reply

" The Washington Post
As deaths mount, Trump tries to convince Americans itÂ’s safe to inch back to normal
Josh Dawsey, Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker, Yasmeen Abutaleb "


Here we go again,
A presidents number one job is to keep the public safe. Trump failed. Trump failed at keeping a pandemic team, keeping the CDC in China, preparing for testing and vaccinations, and now recognizes public deaths as part of his accomplishments.

The corona virus has now infected some in the white house and others are under quarantine.

This is why, I'm voting blue. Local, State, Federal.

Trump - 119 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Trump worshipers are crying out to get back to work with out a single concern over science and the need to disinfect and social distancing. These are the stupidest fkn people to be around.

Covid 19 & the politics - 126 days ago by Not KU - Reply

This sux. Change my mind. This sux worse than KU mods on multiple levels. More people will die in Harris Co than in 911 NYC as a result. Trump supporters, think twice and change your minds on Trump.

Politics - 173 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Sat Feb 22 2020
Bernie wins Nevada caucus.

This is why Not KU will be great - 174 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Why "not ku" will be great

(Petty moderating and baiting from so called bobbette know it alls. Killed this place. It deserves the attn it gets

Only for those of you who needed it.)

Some thinking others deserve unfair treatment. The Apex of self entitlement.
The demise of ku. Fk em.

Politics - 187 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Acquittal is NOT the same as innocent.
Shame on Tx Senator J. Cornyn, for not seeing fit to hear all the testimony and voting to acquit Trump. I think JC is one of those senators that went to Russia over the 4th of July, 2017... Shame on Congressman Dan Crenshaw for his part, or lack there of.

Fkn republicans

Politics - 195 days ago by Not KU - Reply

So far so good.
The impeachment trial seems to be going well. Of course the republicans are weak in logic (as usual) as to why witnesses are not necessary. Chief Justice John Roberts is reading each and every question asked by both sides. I like that. Also each question is to the point of the issue. No nonsense. Finally. The transparency of BS on the republican argument is on display for all to see.
Now is the time to tell Senator John Cornyn: Yes. To witnesses.

Politics - 197 days ago by Not KU - Reply

If ever there were a time to engage your Senator, it is now.
US Senator John Cornyn's Office | Government Official ...
US Senator John Cornyn's Office, Government Official. 5300 Memorial Dr, Ste 980 Houston, TX 77007. (713) 572-3337.

Trump - 200 days ago by Not KU - Reply

" the pubie senators are all pussies too afraid of of the bully trump"

What about their own re-election? Those spineless GOP supporters need votes too.

Trump - 203 days ago by Joe Blow - Reply

no because the pubie senators are all pussies too afraid of of the bully trump ruining their own re election efforts.

Trump - 208 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Will the Senate have douchebag don removed? Stay tuned

Trump - 237 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Douchebag Don says a lot of things.
Giving further reason to remove him from office. Out of respect for the office of President.
Congressman Dan Crenshaw, are you listening?

Trump - 239 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Today is the big day. The charges of Obstruction and Corruptions are being brought by Congress. Meanwhile, I will be writing Senator Ted Cruz. I seriously doubt he will take my words seriously. But at least I said something.

If you are reading this. Write your senator and encourage others to do so as well.

Trump - 247 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Today is the big day
Trumps will be issued 2 articles of impeachment.
1. Abuse of power
2. Obstruction of Congress.
All that is left is to guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached to win prizes....
To the Bobbettes on that other site. I laugh loudly in your suckered faces.
Are we winning yet?

Trump - 249 days ago by Not KU - Reply

"I stand with Chuck Grassley on this," Ernst said, referring to Iowa's other Republican senator who defended the unnamed whistleblower.


Trump - 253 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Link :

U.S. Announces Its Withdrawal From U.N. Human Rights Council

WTF. Stand with Trump. Fall with Trump.

Trump - 266 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Got a chance to listen in on the impeachment hearings yesterday. Fkn republicans..."Trump didnt actually say" or worse, "Trump did say". As if the events, just happened on their own.
Trump held up the money, and Trump sent the money. Ukraine, didnt twist Trumps arm for the money. They jumped through a hoop for it. I'll say it now...Stand with Trump. Fall with Trump. Impeachment is happening.

Trump - 273 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Caught a glimps of the impeachment hearings. I saw the part where Ohio rep Jim Jordan got laughed at. It was a slip on his part. The heart of the matter.

Trump needs to testify under oath or resign.

House of Blues - 282 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Nov 5th! That's tonight!
Time flies.

Tues. June 16th 2020
House of Blues Misphits reunion jam.
Usually epic performances happen there. Lots of great talented players.

Trump - 290 days ago by Not KU - Reply

Impeachment Just became inevitable.


David A. Graham
Staff writer at The Atlantic

Guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached, and win prizes. Correctly guess the charge and double your winnings.

Politics - 291 days ago by Not KU - Reply

So much is happening, I can't keep up. Catching up this morning with Meet the Press and This week w/ George S.
In short:
Guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached and win prizes. Guess the charge and double your winnings! ya!

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